Correction of the oral cavity of carnivores with the basics of X-ray diagnostics


A dentist. This word is so full of pain, destiny, happiness, beauty and talent. A good dental practitioner is worth his weight in gold, and a good dental practitioner who is an excellent lecturer as well is a treasure.

We are happy to give you an opportunity to learn from Camil Stoian, a world recognized lecturer.

Doctor Stoian is the author of two veterinary dental books, a European Veterinary Dentistry Specialist, President of the Romanian Veterinary Dental Society and Vice-president of the Austrian Veterinary Society. His main areas of interest within veterinary dentistry are with orthodontics, maxillo-facial surgery and reconstruction as well as osteo-inductive and conductive material research.

Come to Dr. Stoian’s lecturers, become the best and make your patients happy!

We look forward to seeing you at NVC2017!

 More information about Camille Stoyan can be found here

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